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Testimonials - What patients say about their experience

“After suffering a shoulder injury in October 2021 I saw a GP and then an NHS physio. The physio was able to reduce the acute pain and give me some mobility back, but did little to help me to regain full range of motion or help prevent re-injury over the following year. Due to the lack of improvement I decided to see if Joanna could help, and I am so glad I did. 
After a detailed examination Joanna identified exactly what needed to be addressed, and then in several follow-up sessions over the following two months I was able to regain my range of motion, stop the residual pain and I am able to participate in dynamic sport without worrying I am going to re-injure my shoulder. Joanna also provided me with advice to take away to generally improve my shoulder strength and mobility, to help avoid  any future injuries. 
Over the course of about two months I made far more progress working with Joanna than I did over twelve months using an NHS physio, and I only wish I had come to Joanna when I first injured my shoulder.
Phil, Southampton

Alexa Young, CA

I have worked with and been under the care of Joanna Spencer for many years. Having sustained multiple  injuries, most requiring surgery, Joanna is always my first port of call for expert advice and professional care, Pre and Post operation !
She has excellent contact with a wide range of heath professionals and surgeons and this ultimately helps support a positive recovery.
It is worth noting that Joanna has a very good bedside manner and understands the mental challenges as well as the physical challenges caused by injury and trauma.
Once again I am making an excellent recovery, thank you.
I would definitely recommend Joanna Spencer to anyone seeking physiotherapy especially for shoulder pain, injury or trauma.
David H.
"I just wanted to message you to say thank you for the treatment you gave me at the Boyd clinic. You treated me for problems with both shoulders and intense pain in one. I cancelled my last appointment in February because I was seeing such good progress. I am pleased to say that improvement has continued and I am able to do everything with very little pain, even driving.
I am continuing with the exercises which if I have any stiffness of pain they seem to quickly relieve.
So I really want to thank you for your help and encouragement - you have made such a difference. I had almost forgotten what a day without pain was like."
Susan S.
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